Sunday, June 28, 2009


I survived a parenting nightmare on Friday afternoon. I had Carter and my friend in the Escalade. We were leaving the doctor's office and were stopped at a stop light. All of a sudden, I glanced in my mirror and SMASH! We were rear-ended. We were hit by the AT&T truck. He was going about 25 mph and never hit his brakes. I was pushed into the car in front of me, but the guy just drove away. Carter immediately began of course I spazzed out. He was OK...just very scared. The AT&T guy got out of his truck, asked if we were all OK and apologized. He called the cops and we had to give statements and stuff. My truck seems to be alright. There is just a small scratch in the rear bumper. His front bumper was in pretty bad shape. I am going on Tuesday to the Progressive Claim Center for an estimate and to have the frame checked for damage. I am going to take Carter to the doctor, just to be sure...since he can't tell me if anything is wrong. But other than that, thank God we are OK.

I was told that it is illegal to use a car seat once it has been in an accident. AT&T is independently insured, so they will have to give us money to buy a new one. Kinda handy since Carter is ready to be moved to a convertible car seat. He is getting too tall for his carrier. So, any car seat suggestions are appreciated.

Still no word on being pregnant. Steven is going back out later for tests because I have none. I will update as soon as I can.

UPDATE: Maybe next month.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wishful Thinking... I have been feeling very strange lately. I've had quite a few twinges and cramps and tickles in my tummy. I figured it was in my head and I have been desperately trying to remind myself of the degree of my infertility. Well today my friend Mandy said "oh no...I think you might've started your period." I had on white capris and bled through a bit. I went to change and "take care" of it...and it was just a few light spots and nothing else. That was this morning before I left for my massage. Still no more blood. I am cautiously thinking wishfully that maybe it could have been implantation bleeding. I had it with Carter, so that was the 1st thing I thought of today.

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, expecting to be pregnant. I will be able to test over the weekend just to get an answer. Wouldn't it be cool though?!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Clear the Roads!

I accidentally ended up at BRU today while shopping for Steven's Father's Day gift, a gift certificate to the tattoo parlor. (I am impatient and gave it to him already, LOL!) When he told me about the place, I thought he said it was on Rt. 20...well, I drove about 15 miles going 30 mph. on Rt. 20 and couldn't find it. Then I remembered that Steven's friend Rick went with him when he got his last tattoo...but I didn't have his phone number. So, I called our old roomate Casey and he gave it to me. I called Rick and he told me where the tattoo parlor was...nowhere near Rt. 20! I was about 20 minutes away and not even in the right town. I should listen more carefully. This time my awesome communication skills cost me 1/4 tank of gas.

While I was waiting for Casey to call me back with the number, I figured we'd browse in BRU for a bit. I had Carter with me, so we tested the walkers. He has a walker, but even on the highest setting, his torso can hang over the top of the seat if he leans forward. That and the fact that if he stands up in it and leans forward, he is able to get his foot up into the seat. I spaz out when he does it. I am so afraid he'll fall out. We also have to watch him because he can reach to the end of the tray...if he gets too close to any of the furniture, he can pinch his fingers. When he does, he screams bloody murder. Not good. Anyway, I bought him what is, in my opinion, the perfect walker. It raises much higher than the old one, and he can't reach to the end of the tray to pinch his fingers. As an added bonus, it has the coolest toys attached to it! They move and play music! He loves it...and I totally loved the price. Most car-type walkers are around $100...this one was only $55 after my 15% discount coupon! Totally awesome buy for any of you mommys looking for a good quality walker.

Carter's new ride! A Jeep Liberty Renegade!!

"Yeah, I'd like a number 1 with no pickles..."

Looking for a good place to go off-roading.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Carter Phelps...the gold medalist.

I decided at BRU yesterday that it was really hot and Carter needed a pool. So, I spent $6 on a little wading pool that was a total hit with the little man. I took a few pictures and thought I'd share them...he's getting so big!

(Carter in his pool for the 1st time.)

(Trying to figure out the water.)

(Did you think he'd go anywhere without
one of his Yo Gabba Gabba toys?)

(Tuckered out after a long swim.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

We're still alive...

Hello! We are ok. Just wanted to post to let you know why I haven't been around much. But first, Carter would like to type...he is waiting patiently...

kc b vnt bhgffffghju vfdddccchjkhyyyyyyyyyyyg

He's very smart. Anyway, life has been hectic, to say the least. I am crazy for thinking that 6 credit hours would be an easy work load for a stay-at-home mom. Ha! Any time I am not doing things of a motherly nature, I am catching up on school work...I am always behind. And the assignments never end! I have a 3 page paper due at midnight...I haven't even read the chapters yet. So, basically I should be doing more reading, less blogging and facebooking, lol!

OK, I am off to feed Carterman his lunch, then Uncle Corey and Nana are going to hang with him here so I can go get him a sippy cup (doctor insisted), juice, and pudding from BRU. Then, if I have time, I'll try to get in some homework, lol!