Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Baby is 1!

Brookie is officially 1 year old! Sorry so long since my last update. I can explain. But first, here are some photos from her birthday party!!

My cake lady couldn't do the cake on short notice,
so I did it myself. I was pretty proud!

Pardon my lack of makeup. We spent the morning in 
the sun at my dad's camp.

So...onto the family update. Bullets will be the best way to do this...since there's a lot going on.
  • Our house is officially for sale. We have decided to move back to New York. We really want the kids to grow up with their cousins. I have a niece and nephew (and another nephew on the way) who barely know me and that really bothers me. We realize that it is not a seller's market, but we have put it in God's hands and have faith that He will put us where we are supposed to be.
  • Carter is almost 100% potty trained! We are just working on him pooping on the potty. He is completely out of diapers, though...even at night.
  • Brooklyn is walking! She started a few days ago and is doing great!!
  • Carter's 3rd birthday is coming up at the end of October. He wants a NASCAR birthday. We have picked out Pit Pass invitations and I am making a race track cake.
  • Brooklyn is absolutely obsessed with baby dolls. You rarely ever see her without one...she tries shoving 2 or more into her doll stroller at one time and will push them around all day. If she doesn't have one and wants one, she will yell "Baby doll!" and get to the nearest one as fast as she can. She got about 15 new dolls for her birthday.
  • I heard from one of the DJs at WKKY, the radio station I Guest DJed at a couple summers ago. They asked me to do the show again. Rumor has it they are hiring. Fingers crossed!!
  • We switched from cable to DirecTV/ATT so we can get the NFL Sunday Ticket. I saved quite a bit of money, so that was a nice surprise!
Well, that about sums it up. I'm sure life will continue to get crazier, but we say "Bring it on!!" We can handle anything as long as we are together! I will leave you with a funny video of the kids that I took on my cell phone at my mother-in-law's.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brooklyn's 1st Birthday Shoot

I did Brooklyn's 1 year photos this week. We returned to the same park that we did my maternity photos at almost a year ago. I can't believe how big my little girl is getting. I can imagine her birthday will be a rough day for me. My last baby is growing up way too fast!