Wednesday, April 29, 2009

6 Months Old.

Carter is 6 months old today. As happy as it makes me to see him hit new milestones, I am sad. This time is just flying by. I promised myself that I would hold him and play with him for every second of his babyhood...but it isn't by any means "slowing down time". I am really going to miss these days, but I thank God that I can look back at them saying "I was there for every minute."

It Won't Be Like This For Long
by: Darius Rucker

He didn't have to wake up
He'd been up all night
Layin’ there in bed listenin’
To his new born baby cry
He makes a pot of coffee
He splashes water on his face
His wife gives him a kiss and says
It gonna be OK

It won’t be like this for long
One day soon we'll look back laughin’
At the week we brought her home
This phase is gonna fly by
So baby just hold on
‘Cause it won't be like this for long

Four years later ‘bout 4:30
She's crawling in their bed
And when he drops her off at preschool
She's clinging to his leg
The teacher peels her off of him
He says what can I do
She says now don't you worry
This’ll only last a week or two

It won’t be like this for long
One day soon you'll drop her off
And she won’t even know you're gone
This phase is gonna fly by
If you can just hold on
It won’t be like this for long

Some day soon she'll be a teenager
And at times he'll think she hates him
Then he'll walk her down the aisle
And he'll raise her veil
But right now she's up and cryin’
And the truth is that he don't mind
As he kisses her good night
And she says her prayers

He lays down there beside her
‘Til her eyes are finally closed
And just watchin’ her it breaks his heart
Cause he already knows

It won’t be like this for long
One day soon that little girl is gonna be
All grown up and gone
Yeah, this phase is gonna fly by
So, he's tryin’ to hold on

‘Cause it won’t be like this for long

It won’t be like this for long.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Every morning when I wake up...

(Notice how he is completely upside-down in his crib...and his onesie is inside out. Steven was so tired when he dressed him that he didn't even notice!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 March for Babies

The walk was great! There were thousands of people there, many of them with beautiful preemies of their own. All together, we were able to raise $330 for Team Carter!! The walk was 4 miles...all of which my wonderful lovely perfect husband walked, pushing Carter and me. I swear the thing was uphill both ways! Did I say that my husband is awesome?? The walk went right through Browns Stadium...and that could set a Steelers fan on fire...but he did it nonetheless! Carter slept for about 1 mile or so. Maybe I should've slept, too! Anyway, we had a blast and we are very proud of ourselves. I got very emotional because many people were there in memory of their babies...we were there in honor of ours. It could've been the other way around and I am just so thankful to God for giving Carter the strength he needed to survive. I am so blessed and proud to be his mommy. We will be making this walk a family tradition every year.

Here are some pictures of the day. Steven also got video of me crying but I am not posting it. He thought I was crying because Kmart raised $17 million, but I wasn't. I was just having an emotional moment because a little boy walked by wearing a shirt that said "In Memory of My Twin". That was very sad, so I started the same time the emcee announced that Kmart had raised $17 million. Steven is sticking to his story...I'm sticking to mine ;)

Getting ready to go into the ampitheatre.

Team Carter 2009

Me and my preemie!

Now do you see why we call him "Mini-Me"
He is a spitting image of Steven!

I just love those big blue eyes!

My big boy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Team Carter

I went to Michael's today to see if they had iron-on stuff to make t-shirts for Steven, Carter, and me for the March of Dimes walk this weekend. I didn't really want transfers that you print on from the computer because I think they look cheesy and they usually peel right off after one wash. I was very excited when I went down their iron-on aisle...everything was on sale!! So...I got t-shirts for Steven and me and a long-sleeved onesie for Carter. Then, I cleaned them out of pink and blue block letters! It was actually kinda fun. I got to be creative. I decided to put Carter's gestational age when he was born so people can recognize him as a I am just so proud of how far he has come in just 6 short but wonderful months.

Here are our shirts. We will be one stylin' family this Sunday!

If you would like to help, you can sponsor our walk by going to It is an excellent cause and I truly believe in their motto, that one day, all babies will be born healthy. Thank you for all of your support, whether you donate or not!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter baskets and basketballs...

My awesome husband just went out and got me one of those crazy USB cables with attachments in every size. I really love him...he knows me so well! Now I only have to keep track of one cord!!

Anyway, here are some of the pics from my camera...

Our loot after the Easter Bunny came.
He gets me a basket every year.

Carter's 1st Easter basket.

Before church on Easter.

Carter on Easter...all dressed up!

Carter's 1st walk.

Bailey came too. Yes, I'm wearing slippers.

Future Cavalier!

Just like everything else, right in the mouth!

That is what we've been up to! Hope you enjoyed them!

Because I knew you'd want to see it...

Monday, April 20, 2009

This year's birthday gift...

My camera wire is still missing, so Easter pics are still being held for ransom. The suspect is a blue Kodak, about 6" tall and weighing about 1/2 pound. If you have any information on this crime, please call 1-800-MOM-ARAZZI. Thank you.

Steven got me a digital camcorder for my birthday! I am super excited! Here is a video of...well, nothing much. This is a completely normal occurance at our house. Its what my boys do best. Notice that Carter found a new Gabba friend.

(Mommy is not quite a master videographer yet.)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my positive beta.

I will NEVER get a better birthday present!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Its just been one of those days...where you know that it can't get any worse, then it does! Nothing serious...just very annoying! I would love to open a window and scream as loud as I can, then lock myself in a closet from the inside so nobody can find me!

Except, of course, for him.

All that really matters!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Every Little Bit Helps!

The March of Dimes Walk for Babies is coming up in 2 weeks!! Steven, Carter, and I are participating and we are in need of sponsors. If you are in a position to help at all, please go to my personal page to donate. Our goal is to raise at least $250 to help other families with sick or premature babies. Someday all babies will be born healthy...and this is how you can help the March of Dimes make this possibility a reality! Thank you!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Boo! Scared you!!

Here I am! Did you think I was dead?! Actually, I told you all that I wanted to play hide & seek...well, I never seeked! LOL, j/k...but here I am.

The past couple weeks have been super hectic. Carter is teething, but no teeth have cut yet...he's miserable. And on top of that, he woke up today with a cold. He's sniffling and stuffy. Poor guy. I am praying that he feels better soon. Then maybe we could get some sleep, too!

Last week, my mother-in-law came to visit from Wednesday to Sunday. It was nice because she gave us a lot of relief and I was able to read the 1st half of New Moon. Yes, I am now officially dating Edward Cullen. Steven doesn't mind. Anyway, After she left, we had to go Mon-Thurs...then we were off to NY. My dad paid for our trip because he wanted to see Carter. So, we spent Friday and most of Saturday there, then went to my mother-in-laws. We left late Sunday night to come home.

Today, I drove halfway back to NY to pick up Steven's little brother so he could spend Spring Break with us. He will be here until next Sunday...then we will bring him back halfway and meet my mother-in-law to make the old switcheroo. We do it often. It isn't as bad as it sounds. Its about 2 hours and 15 minutes for me...which I drove alone today. I must say, it was the most relaxing alone time I have had since October!

So...that's what I have been up to. My camera cord is MIA, so here is an oldie but last preggo pic...

Me and my mama about 3 days before I popped!