Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Picture Post

Here are some pictures of all of our adventures lately. Carter is as fun as ever...getting the most out of the toys he got for Christmas. Brooklyn is now eating solids and loving it! I also put pictures from Toy Story on Ice. That was a blast. Enjoy!!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Still here...just busy!

We are still here. We are alive and well. We have been on the move non-stop. I am blogging from my phone as we speak. I am loving my HTC Evo. I rarely even touch my computer anymore. There isn't really much need for it. I give it five stars and 2 thumbs up!

Anyway, we have been on the move. Last weekend, I took Carter to see Toy Story on Ice. It was awesome! I wasn't sure if he would get bored. He sat through the whole thing. He got upset when it was over. Mickey & Minnie on Ice is in September, so I'm going to take both kids. Brookie will be a year old...she's so content, I think she'd have done good even now. But I think she'll enjoy it. We will see. I am looking forward to it.

My new nurse started last week. Things seem to working out very well. My former nurse had her third baby about a month ago, so I had to find a replacement for her. It wasn't an easy process, but I am sure I made the right choice. She has a five year old little boy...he and Carter get along very well. That's who we went to see Toy Story on Ice with. It was weird to me because I have never really hung out with any of my nurses outside of work. It was nice to know that we can have a friendship also. And the boys play so well together. She is actually bringing him over on Monday since it is Martin Luther King Day and there is no school. Both of them are into the same movies and toys. They have fun.

Ok...I am getting ready to get the kids in bed so I can clean up the disaster in my kitchen. My father-in-law is visiting for the weekend, so the guys have been pretty crazy, especially since it is playoff time. It was crazy in here after the Steelers win today! Now I'm off to clean it all up. A mommy's work is never done! When I get a chance, I will upload some pics of what we've been up too lately. Enjoy your weekend!
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Memories.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year's. We spent Christmas morning at home, ate an early dinner, then headed to NY for the weekend. We spent the 1st night with my mother-in-law and the 2nd night with my dad. It was a really nice holiday...lots of great memories were made. Just another reminder of how truly blessed I am.

Christmas Eve 



Cookies & Milk for Santa. Carrots for Reindeer. 

Daddy reading "The Night Before Christmas". 

Christmas Morning 

Steven and I were able to get out alone on New Year's Eve. It was very fun...although I had fallen asleep (or passed out...call it what you will.) and had to be woken up for the ball drop. 

Yesterday we spent the day at home, cleaning up after such a crazy week. I threw my brand new cell phone in the washer. It got caught up in some jeans when I was throwing a load in and it took me 10 minutes to realize that it wasn't in any of its usual places. I filed an insurance claim around 7pm and it got an email before I woke up that said a replacement had been shipped. It should be here tomorrow. I am dying without it. My beloved HTC Evo...come baaaaaaaaackkkkkkk!

Today we are watching football, finishing up around the house, and hitting the grocery store with both kids because we are insane. I would wait, but we really need to fill up the cupboards. Pray for us, LOL!