Friday, February 29, 2008

IVF Approved!

APPROVED...APPROVED!! LOL, the paralegal just called. They think it is a great idea and that this is exactly what the trust was made for!! I am crying tears of joy right now...just so happy that this whole ordeal is behind me. They even assured me that they would be putting fertility treatments into every trust they do from now on so nobody else has to deal with this in the future. The pharmacy will refund the money I spent on the Lupron. Now I can focus on getting my next positive...from a pregnancy test!!

LUPRON? Check!

Well, my Lupron has been paid for. BY US! Yup...we paid $195 out of pocket because the trust is insisting on taking forever to approve the IVF. They are such jerks...I am realizing how big of a mistake I made by putting my money in this type of an account. Well, what's done is done...and I bought myself two more weeks to fight. And it only cost me $195. Grr!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Folic Acid x5!

I got a call from the RE's office today about my mock transfer and bloodwork from Wednesday. Everything looked good, but I tested positive for a folic acid deficiency. Its no big deal, but my body doesn't use folic acid properly. They upped my folic acid from 1mg/day to 5mg/day. They also want me on vitamins B6 and B12. Because this deficiency puts me at a higher risk for blood clots, they also put me on baby asprin. Minor speed bump...but it's all good!!

I'm still fighting for funding. I called yesterday and they told me they had to contact a lawyer to make sure that I am "allowed" to use my money for this "elective surgery". OK, yes...they refer to it as elective as if I have a choice!! Anyway, my mom is on the case now and she is a force to be reckoned with! Their best bet is to give me whatever I want, so nobody gets hurt! I'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

T Minus 10 Days!!

Today was my mock transfer (measurement of my uterus), b/w, and IVF Teaching! My uterus is 7cm from end to end...I'm sure you all were desperate to know that. LOL! The teaching was fun. I got to use a fake belly and stab it with needles!! Then I got stabbed, for b/w. BOO FOR B/W!! Anyway, I have a better idea of what I'll be doing. I start 10 units of Lupron on 3/2...a week from Monday. Lupron will put my body into "egg overdrive"! My RE is going out of town on the 14-18 of March, so I'm doing Lupron until 2/21. Then I will be doing Follistim and taking my Lupron down to 5 units. Follistim will stimulate the follicles that hold 1 egg each. My trigger of HCG will be done 7-10 days into Follistim. My estimated Egg Retreval is 4/1, APRIL FOOL'S DAY! After ER, I will do Prometrium vaginal tablets...YUM, Medrol, and Tetracyclene. My RE is looking at 3 day blasts, which means that 3 days after Egg Retreval, I go in for the Embryo Transfer. So, if all goes according to plan, my 2 week wait will be over ON MY BIRTHDAY!! I am so excited!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Clomid Challenge!

OK, the Clomid Challenge has officially begun! Wednesday, I had bloodwork done to check my Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). The doctor called yesterday and told me that my levels were great. Thank I know its a physical thing, not a hormonal thing.

Steven had a semen analysis and bloodwork today. Poor guy! He's been such a good sport through all of this. I am so lucky to have him. Seeing as how I am the infertile one, I sometimes think of how easy it would be for him to find someone have a baby the easy way. He is always reassuring me that everything will be OK and that God will bless us soon. He is my rock.

So, I take my first dose of Clomid tonight!! I am doing 100mg per night, for 5 nights. Wednesday, I go for more bloodwork. Apparently, my FSH level should be up after the Clomid. That is the Clomid Challenge. If the levels aren't right, then my eggs are not viable. I pray that I am OK.

Wednesday is also the day we go for teaching! I think I get my Lupron that day, too! Thankfully, Steven is giving me all the injections. I hate needles, I could never do it to myself.

So, I will post updates as soon as I can. Wednesday through Friday, we will be doing the baby-dance as much as! The Clomid will make me ovulate...I could possibly get pregnant from it. Please pray for me.